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“Pop” Concert - Pierre Dervaux & The Colonne Concert Orchestra. Cat No. SXLP 20030

Published in 1961 by EMI as part of the HMV Concert Classics Series.


This record was part of my Grandmother’s collection and was one which I had grown up with. It has been played a lot and had become quite badly worn and damaged over the years. As well as a lot of noise and clicks, there were some jumps on “Bolero”.





Bolero - Download Full Version MP3 39MB

Jumps on Bolero

bolero - jumps.mp3

Noise on Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Sorcerers Apprentice start.mp3

Noise on “Prelude”

Prelude - noise.mp3

Side 1 - Track 1  
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Side 2 - Track 1  
Bolero (abridged version)

Side 2 - Track 2  
Danse Macabre

The version of Bolero on Youtube is a cut down version due to the 15 minute limit on Youtube videos. The full version can be downloaded in MP3 format by clicking on the link on the right.

Bert Weedon - 22 Golden Guitar Greats - Cassette.  Cat No. 4C WW 5019

I bought this cassette when it was released in 1976. Although it has been played many times on a selection of cassette players of varying quality, it is still in reasonable condition. It did need the felt pressure pad replacing as the original had long since fallen off.


Since this album is no longer available and was never released on CD I decided to dig it out and have a listen.

Yakety Axe

Guitar Boogie Shuffle

After setting up the cassette deck with correct head azimuth angle adjustment, Dolby decoding and playback equalisation, the recording still sounded muffled and noisy. This wasn’t unusual as pre-recorded tapes often sounded poor in comparison to the vinyl releases (in spite of usually costing more).


I applied some extra noise reduction and equalisation which resulted in a cleaner, brighter sound.

To listen to more examples of restored recordings, please click the following link to my Youtube channel:


Youtube - TNM220Billy Videos