Breathing new life into
old recordings

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Website updated 29th May 2012

Of course, many old recordings, including those originally issued on 78 shellac, are now available on CD and on download sites such as This service is intended for those treasured recordings which are no longer available to buy commercially, whether they are your old 78s, vinyl albums, a rare 12” mix, or a cassette tape.


Some examples of records and cassettes which I have restored can be found by following the youtube links on the “Examples” page.

Many of us still have a collection of old recording on vinyl, shellac and tape which we have built up over many years (often at considerable expense) but no longer have the means to play them.

Even if we can play them, they often sound disappointing when compared to the clean digital sound to which we have now become accustomed.

However, all is not lost. By using a combination of a physical cleaning process (for records), transfer to computer and digital processing these recordings can not only be made playable but often improved on the original disk or tape.

Even an apparently worn or damaged recording can usually be restored to a standard almost indistinguishable from a CD release by, firstly, cleaning away the physical grime and then electronically removing clicks, rumble and hiss.